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Qianxiang Zhao, chief language teacher, Tsinghua High school special-class  language teacher, won the special award of Jilin basic education, Jilin labor model, the award of national outstanding teachers, Hong Kong Bonning ton Education Foundation Willing Oxhonor award, the national primary and secondary school ten outstanding young teachers, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. Monograph, won the fifth prize of basic education special awards in Beijing.


Jun Wang, Principal Chinese teacher. Mrs. Wang is a Tsinghua High School master teacher. She has won the first national “Chinese Top Ten Academic Leaders” Award in 2014, National Education Reform Pioneer Teachers, National Chinese Excellent Teachers, Provincial Excellence Homeroom Teacher, Provincial Key Teachers, distinguished “National Training Plan” expert teachers at Peking University and dozens of other national universities. She won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement from China’s Ministry of Education, many first prizes of National Classroom Teaching Contest.  She has published thousands of papers, 14 books. Her "Youth Chinese" teaching philosophy has had a wide impact on the country. 


Aui Zhao, Lower School Director and Chinese Coordinator. A Tsinghua High School Alumni, Mr. Zhao earned a Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Capital Normal University. He has taught Chinese at the University EAN in Colombia, the Eisenhower Elementary School in Minnesota, United States, and then worked at Tsinghua University High School. He was a visiting student of the late Professor and acoustic phonetics expert Kenneth N. Stevens at MIT and is currently a member of the International Chinese Language Society (IACL). 


Dong Yin, Chinese teacher and IT Administrator. He is a middle school senior teacher. He loves technology, and is familiar with multiple programming languages and analyzes. He independently develops desktops and Internet programs. He was the former Dean of the School of Information Center, classroom coordinator, part time researcher in Beijing, Haidian District, and an expert for Haidian District’s Wisdom Teaching Project. He won the first prize in national middle and elementary school tablet PC competitions. In recent years, he has been devoted to nurturing and improving teachers’ abilities to integrate Internet information with curriculum.


William Chen, a Chinese language teacher, is one of the first few members of Tsinglan School. Obsessed with Chinese teaching for more than 20 years and as the backbone teacher, he has won awards at the municipal, provincial and national levels. In the provincial publication "Happy Composition", he co-authors with Wang Jun and Si Yanping, the star teachers in China, to write a column "Three-person chat from Beijing, Shanxi and Hebei". In 2011, Beijing Xinhua News Agency published his "Writing Collection of junior school students", and he has published more than 30 articles in newspapers and magazines at many different levels. He is eager to deliver better classes and to be a better person. In the National Masters Studio Alliance, the total number of articles he has published is in the first place, and the numbers of teachers in language teaching studio which he establishes is more than 100.


Jack Wang, Chinese teacher. Mr. Wang, an alumnus of Tsinghua University High School, Ms. Wang earned his M.A. in Chinese Studies (Chinese Language Education) at Hong Kong University of Education, is a certified teacher by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, a life planning mentor, and a B.A. graduate from Capital Normal University majoring in Chinese language and literature. He had been involved in the development of the Chinese textbooks used at Tsinghua International School. Mr. Wang understands different educational experiences,  especially Hong Kong's international education philosophy, which he can combine with the Chinese education in the Mainland. His classes integrate Chinese education with multicultural elements, supplemented by drama, music, and presentation. 


Talia Tang, Chinese teacher. Mrs. Tang graduated M.A. from South China Normal University focusing on metacognition and teaching practicum. She has some overseas teaching experience, and is familiar with international education. She enjoys exploring Chinese language, characters, literature, and culture together with the students, and improving students’ thinking and cultural capabilities through the process. 


May Ding, Chinese teacher. Ms. Ding graduated with a masters in linguistics and applied linguistics from Beijing Normal University. Her hobbies include reading, handwriting, singing, and sports. She wants to evoke her childlike innocence and immerses herself in children’s world to  nurture children’s individualities and creativity, and uses her warm heart to care for them, and guide them to appreciate Chinese language and culture. She believes in teaching and learning happens at the same time. 


Chase Li, Chinese teacher. Mr. Li received his masters in linguistics and applied linguistics from BLCU( Beijing Language and Culture University). He holds a qualification certificate for senior high school Chinese teacher and a bilingual national tour guide qualification certificate. Chase served as the HBA Chinese teacher of Harvard University in Beijing Project and Chinese tutor of the Schwarzman Scholars of Tsinghua University. He was rated as an outstanding teacher at Tsinghua High School. He advocates for encouraging students' confidence and independent learning. 


Andy Xing, Chinese teacher. Andy received his master degree in Chinese Culture and Capital Normal University with a bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. He’s experienced in teaching Chinese and have been working as an intern teacher in Malaysia. From the long-term experience of getting along with students from different countries, he became quite familiar with cultural differences between the East and West. Worked with high enthusiasm and patience, He enjoys communicating with people. He’s fond of playing soccer and anime culture, and used to be the president of animation club during school time.


June Jin, Chinese teacher. June received her masters in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Language and Culture University. She taught Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. Her strength in classroom is mind maps . She likes practicing Taichi, reading, swimming, painting and writing journals. She believes that "love" is the most valuable gift a teacher can give to students. She aspires to manage her classroom with love and care and guides children to enjoy reading.


Bosco Zeng, Chinese teacher, graduated from Huabei Institute of Science and Technology, majoring in Chinese Language and literature. He Has been teaching aboard in Thailand and the United States, and he holds the teachers' certificate issued by Nevada State. He loves language, literature and art, and can speak English, Thai and French. He has been engaged in research and editing work on textbooks of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He values the developing of students' sensitivity to beauty and poetry.


Yanny Wu, Chinese intern teacher. Ms. Wu graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) and taught beginner and intermediate Chinese for the international student program. She also graduated from the University of Melbourne, where she earned a Graduate Certificate in Art History and a master's degree of education in IB (DP). Ms. Wu is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, as well as conversational in Korean. When she worked as a primary school English teacher, her teaching research essay was awarded the second prize in the English Teaching Essay Contest, Dongguan. She enjoys designing Chinese lessons that develop students into critical thinkers, inquirers, and creators. In her spare time, she likes to reading, table tennis, Chinese ceramics, and Chinese martial arts.


Qingshan Xu, a Middle School Senior Teacher and political teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Henan Provincial Institute of Education, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature Education. He is a backbone teacher in Xinxiang City, excellent teacher in Xinxiang City, outstanding Communist Party members in Xinxiang City, first-prize winner of national and provincial teaching scientific research. He has served as a school principal, principal of the central school, director of the Office of Education and Sports Bureau, director of the Admissions Service Center, and deputy director of the Education and Sports Bureau.

He has presided over one national project and participated in two provincial projects; more than 10 papers have won national, provincial and municipal awards or published in national CN journals. He loves education, and advocates the combination of reading a good book and understanding life.


Haiqin Xia, a Chinese teacher in a junior high school, joined Tsinglan school in August 2020. She graduated from Henan University, majoring in Chinese Linguistic Literature, and was a senior teacher in a middle school.

She was the leader in Henan scientific technology. She was the provincial backbone teacher, provincial excellent teacher,and got the first provincial price for scientific research, the first provincial price for quality courses. She was the famous teacher in city and the scientific researcher expert in city.

She took the charge of the two provincial projects, participated in or lead 5 municipal projects. More than 30 papers of her got the national, provincial and municipal awards. She published over 60 articles on the "Chinese Teaching Newsletter", "Middle School Chinese Teaching Reference",  "Luohe Daily", "Plain Evening Paper" and other journals.

She has deep love for Chinese teaching and advocates "lead the class with awe, treat the students with tenderness and do research with happiness".

She likes to write and is the director of the City Writers Association, the vice-president of the County Writers Association.She has published a monograph "Happiness of life".


Aaron Yang, the Middle School Senior Teacher in Chinese and provincial-level key teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from the Sichuan Normal University with bachelor degree in Chinese language and Literature. With 27-year experience in teaching Chinese and being a homeroom teacher, Aaron has developed the profound language discipline accomplishment and rich teaching experience. He has won the National Composition Contest Outstanding Instructor Award, Sichuan Province Secondary School Chinese classroom teaching contest special prize and municipal best debater award, etc. Many articles and literary works written by him have been published in national, provincial and municipal newspapers and magazines. He loves basketball, marathon, music, writing and debate, has won a number of honors in these fields.


Xiuqin Tan, Chinese teacher, joining in Tsinglan School in August 2020. She got her Bachelor degree of Education from Jiangxi Normal University. She is a senior national teacher of primary school, provincial backbone teacher, model teacher of municipal level, member of Provincial Calligrapher Association.


Wang Zhao Xia (Josie), a Chinese teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from Beijing language and Culture University majoring in Chinese language and literature. She taught in international high school for 13 years. During this period, she participated in the establishment of the School's Chinese curriculum system and took the lead in compiling Chinese textbooks. For more than 10 years, she has been responsible for Chinese teaching and activity planning for many summer programs from America. She is good at organizing and managing the classroom "student-centered" according to the situation. She believes that the greatest enjoyment of teachers is to feel that they are needed by students, is able to bring students joy. She hopes the students can learn and experience the profound Chinese language in a happy way.


Kitty Lu, Chinese teacher, joining in Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from Yangzhou University with major Chinese language and literature. She has been engaged in Chinese teaching at junior & high school for 15 years. She once won the 2nd prize of Zhenjiang City Chinese basic skills competition and the 2nd prize of excellent course. With 10 years of working experience as a homeroom teacher, she has won the 1st prize of Jiangsu homeroom teacher basic skills competition. She likes classical literature .She is also good at writing teaching.


Beryl Luo, Chinese teacher joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. Beryl graduated with a master's degree from Hong Kong Education University and a master's degree in language studies from Hong Kong Baptist University. She did a lot of research and exploration on the rules of children's language development and deeply studied the concept and setting of the IB curriculum. She has two years of teaching experience in traditional schools and two years of teaching experience in an international school. Miss Luo is good at comparing and analyzing traditional and international teaching methods, fully integrating and applying them so that her Chinese class can not only be full of interest and exploration, but also help children to build a solid foundation of Chinese. She likes using the game teaching method and developed the adventure game homework as a theme. Miss Luo is an energetic teacher. She likes reading, traveling and is interested in exploring new things. 


Danny Liu, Chinese Teacher, joining Tsignlan School in August 2020. She graduated from Hunan Normal University majoring in Chinese as a foreign language, and then graduated from Henan University with a master's degree in art, majoring in the history of Chinese ceramics. Both undergraduate and master's degrees are rated as outstanding graduates. Worked as an artist assistant, translator and guide in many domestic museums. Published 4 provincial journal articles, hosted and successfully completed 3 provincial projects. 4 years of primary school Chinese subject work experiences. Former PYP teacher of International School IB course, with many years of work experience as a Homeroom teacher. Be gentle and patient, and rejoice in every progress of the students. Encourage students to discover the beauty around them with an artistic eye.

Jenny zhang.jpg

Jenny Zhang, Academics assistant, CPC member. She received her B.A. in teaching Chinese as a foreign language from from Anyang Normal University, and her M.A in linguistics and applied linguistics from Xinjiang Normal University. She has many years of teaching experience in in junior high school in China and also in Indonesia


Judy Hu, Chinese teacher joined Tsinglan School in February, 2021. She graduated from Guangxi Normal University with a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She has 11 years of Chinese language teaching and management experience in both primary and secondary schools, with 6 of those years in an international school setting. In addition to the teaching position, she was also a Faculty Leader and Primary Chinese Graded Reading Facilitator. She has experience with both PBL (Project-Based Learning) and IB PYP interdisciplinary teaching, Judy loves teaching. 


Sylvia Lei, Chinese teacher joined Tsinglan School in February, 2021. She graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language. She is a Chinese teacher with 5 years of experience with teaching national and international students. She taught Chinese in Indonesia for one year and an IBPYP school for 4 years. She focused on teaching the national curriculum within the IB PYP framework. The familiarity of the IB PYP framework means that Sylvia is well versed with play- based learning, inquiry, and developing conceptual understanding in students .Sylvia is a life long learner and has attended multiple professional development courses provided by IB and Harvard University. Her Educational Philosophy is that students can create a better world by becoming lifelong learners who master innovative skills, are responsible for their own actions, have international mindset and are able to think critically.


Jay Peng, Chinese teacher of 12 years, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. Mrs. Peng has a MA and BA in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language as well as an aligned teaching certificate. She taught Chinese at Ma Chung University in Indonesia, Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an and Randolph County High Schools in the USA. She was a star teacher and mentor of the Chinese program with the CollegeBoard program. She has published six articles about Chinese language and teaching as well as a co-author of one book about working in America. She won the 1st Prize in the “Confucius Institute Cup” International Writing Competition on Chinese Language Resources. Mrs. Peng presented seven times within five years on ACTFL, NCLC and CLTA International Conferences during working in American high schools for 5 years. Mrs. Peng believes that each student has great potential and her job is to assist the students to achieve their own greatness.


Chunxia Yu, Chinese Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated from Yangzhou Education College of Jiangsu Province with Chinese language major and Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu Province with Chinese language major. Throughout the years of teaching, She was awarded with Jiangsu Province 2020 "Top Ten New Language Teachers"; Jiangsu Province Yangzhou City Academic Leader; Jiangsu Province Yangzhou City Excellent Teacher. At the same time, she has won the first prize of Jiangsu Province "Blue Sky Cup" teaching competition, Jiangsu Province "Blue Sky Cup" teaching design first class Award, the first prize of the "Blue Sky Cup" essay competition in Jiangsu Province, and the first prize of the Yangzhou City Teaching Competition in Jiangsu Province for 9 consecutive times. She has lectured in Wenling, Zhejiang, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang and other places. Participated in the compilation of many books and published articles in magazines such as "Middle School Chinese Teaching Reference". In her spare time, she likes writing essays, reading, calligraphy, fitness, and traveling.


LONG Jiarui (Carrie), Chinese teacher. She was a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University (Major in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) and The University of Hong Kong (Major in Education). Miss Long has a solid foundation in Chinese language teaching and education. She has taught Chinese in an overseas university for one year and has several internship experiences in well-known education enterprises in China. She was actively involved in the Chinese tutoring for overseas students during the school period. When at work, she is active in exploring, effective instruction, encourage creativity, and inspiring students’ potential. Reading, photography, drama performance, and hiking are her favorite activities in her spare time.


Yanping Si, Chinese Teacher,  joined Tsinglan School in September 2021. She has been teaching for 26 years and is obsessed with Chinese teaching, has published dozens of articles in journals at all levels and core Chinese journals. Yanping is a researcher in group text reading, classic reading, and project-based learning, and has accumulated about 2 million written texts. Since teaching, she has held open classes and lectures in Anhui, Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places. During her spare time, she likes to read and travel.

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