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Chris Almich, STEM Leader, All-School Science Content Leader, from the United States, joined Tsinglan School in August 2018. He received his Bachelor's Degree in physics from California Polytechnic State University and his Master's Degree in education in Shanghai. Chris is a passionate teacher with many years of experience in science education. He loves learning and teaching. In science, he adheres to the teaching method that closely combines theory and practice, and firmly believes that students' learning in practice is the best learning. He hopes to develop students' critical thinking through inquiry based learning courses, which will extend to all aspects of their life. He likes hiking, camping, meditation and playing guitar.


Greg Savage,Mathematics and science teacher.Mr. Savage graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia (B.S. in science; M.A. in education). Greg has over 30 years of experience in science and mathematics teaching.  He has worked in boarding schools, private schools and public schools. He uses a variety of teaching methods to engage and encourage students. He built a bridge between Chinese and western cultures between himself and his students, and this bridge has benefited all who are involved. In his spare time he enjoys reading, listening to music and hiking.


Milos Pantelic, Math and Science Teacher, from Serbia, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He graduated from the University of Novi Sad with Master’s Degree in Management. He has been a teacher for over 5 years, with experience ranging from Kindergartens, Primary Schools to Universities in both China and Serbia. His years of experience as a teacher have helped him form a teaching philosophy that helps him guide his students towards success in the classroom and beyond. He truly believes that students’ success begins with making them comfortable in the classroom and encouraging them to share their ideas and opinions in an unbiased and open environment.He is passionate about football, lacrosse, and other sports, which he plays whenever he finds some spare time. 


Raymond Embry, Math Teacher, from the United States, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He attended Liberty University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Mandarin. He has a teaching license from the state of Texas. While teaching math he uses a Socratic based teaching method, inspiring his students to ask the right questions that will lead to the development of knowledge. Ray is a huge proponent of mathematics competitions, including the AMC and Euclid competitions. His hobbies include reading philosophy and playing the saxophone.


Jane Cheng, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, holding a master degree of Probability and Statistics. Obtaining full scholarship in postgraduate program and honoring as an outstanding postgraduate student, she has been teaching in international schools in China and Malaysia for 7 years. She definitely benefits a lot from her 2-year-teaching at Garden international school Malaysia, where she has an opportunity to use 21st century teaching skills and has CPD with famous British Educators. She’s very happy to work with colleagues who are from different backgrounds, and all these different ideas inspired her to help her students to achieve their targets. She would like to share her experience to integrate Chinese education and Western education at her teaching to make education better. In her spare times, she likes traveling, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and yoga.


Xu An, Science Teacher. Mr. Xu graduated from the Renmin University, and has been teaching physics at Tsinghua University High School. He is experienced in teaching and is familiar with both Chinese & western teaching. He is conscientious and responsible, loves his career in education and enjoys being a teacher.


Karla Trollip, math teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2018 from South Africa. She has graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and University of South Africa. Karla fully understands the challenges of learning in different contexts. She believes that accepting cultural differences is important because it is of great value to innovative learning. Karla is passionate about teaching. She likes children of all ages to create a difference in their lives and believes that different teaching methods can create extraordinary results.


Christopher (Hewie) Hewetson, Lower School Math Content Leader and Math teacher, Mr. Hewetson comes from the beautiful country of Canada. He started volunteering with children over 20 years ago while completing a honours degree at Carleton University in financial economics.  His passion for teaching others combined with his love for travel eventually brought him to China. Seeking to improve his own teaching ability he recently completed his PGCE with Sunderland University in the U.K. and is constantly pursuing knowledge that can support him in the classroom.  His approach to teaching comes from his core values in life; friendly, firm and fair.  He believes every student is unique and learns at their own pace, it is the responsibility of the teacher to learn the best methods to assist the student.  In his spare time Hewie loves to be with his future wife doing almost anything outdoors. 


Carmen Yam, Math teacher, she was born and raised in London in a home which converse in English and Cantonese. She obtained her degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Kent with UK teaching certificate. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching at Heathland Primary school which is in the outskirts of London (Harrow). During her three years it has provided her with the opportunity to develop her varied teaching skills. She is adaptable and is able to motivate her students with a variety of methods whilst fostering their creativity. She enjoys going trekking, also loves trying new things and taking risks.


John Butterfield, Math Teacher, from the United Kingdom, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He graduated from Manchester University with an Honor Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and earned his PGCE (Postgraduate certificate in Education) from Durham University. After his graduation in 1987, Mr. Butterfield has been teaching for 34 years. With his timeproof teaching experience, he believes “that each child has the potential to improve as he/she develops both physically as well as mentally.” He has taught in a variety of schools with different curricula, and by doing so extended his range of knowledge and skills. 


Sapna Tyagi, Math and Science teacher, coming from India, graduated with B.Sc.(Math) from University of Mumbai, M.A.(Education) from D.Y. Patil University (Navi Mumbai) which are accredited ‘A’ Grade Universities. She has worked in China for over a decade and very well understands mindset of children learning in a bilingual environment. She is a popular teacher and has also received ‘Outstanding Foreign Teacher Award’. Learning is her passion and she always engages herself in professional development programs. Recently she has completed a certificate course from University of London which focuses on supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing. As a teacher she believes in inspiring her students to follow their dreams, discover their creativity, interests and talents, and learn to use them to their fullest potential. She wants to give students the support they need to succeed.


Harmen Walter Sachse, the Science and Math teacher. Graduated from Temple university with major in general science and education with a specialization in earth and environmental science. He grew up in Amsterdam and moved to the U.S.A when he was 16 years old. He has always wanted to be a teacher and took his first step when he volunteered at his local YMCA. He also has a love for science and math. His favorite subject is earth and environmental science. In his free time he likes to travel, go hiking, spend time in nature and play board games.

科學教師-亞當·麥肯茲·哈克(Adam Mackenzie Hacker)-cut.jpg

Adam Mackenzie Hacker, science teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Miami University which is in the top 30 universities in America and is considered a top public Ivy league school. Having double majored in Zoology and in Environmental Science, he finds the natural world full excitement and mystery. To such a degree, he even studied abroad in Kenya and Tanzania to live with the Masai and study African Elephants in the wild savanna and climbed to the top of Mount Kenya.    

He completed the TEFL and TESOL Master Level Certification and Currently he is working on his Master's degree in Education with a US Teaching Certification in Secondary Biology. He believes education is a two-way street that the giving and receiving of knowledge lays the ground work for true discovery. 

Through the teaching of science, he aims to help the students in their critical thinking skills and develop a greater confidence in their abilities. His education principal is that education is not only helpful to the individual but also to society and with it, society may flourish. Its to the betterment of all that we study and work hard.  


Jane Crumpton. Maths teacher joined Tsinglan school in August 2020. She received a Bachelor of Science (BSc. Public Health) from Khon Kaen University, Thailand and a Master of Science (Msc. Environmental science) from The University of Birmingham, UK. She also received a scholarship doing PGCE secondary Chemistry at The University of Warwick, UK funded by the Department of Education England. She taught maths GCSE (intervention course) in the UK and taught science and environmental science at secondary level in international schools in Thailand. Jane has had diverse careers from public health officer, project manager for the Thai House of parliament, regulator and a teacher.  Jane has written Cambridge curriculum for international schools in Thailand for the Thai government. She spent almost nearly 16 years in the UK working and studying. Jane loves reading, travelling, and swimming and her motto is "strong together and try your best".

Stephen Crumpton-cut.jpg

Mr. Stephen Crumpton is a math teacher from the U.K. who joined Tsinglan in February 2020. He earned his B.A. degree from Sheffield University and an M.A. from the University of Birmingham. He taught in U.K. for many years, and in Asia for six years. His students have now spanned the globe. He enjoys teaching maths and has high expectations. He aims to establish a creative and challenging environment for all his students. In his spare time he cycles, and has just taken up callisthenics after doing Yoga for the last ten years. 


Heather Lindell, math teacher from the US, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. Heather graduated from the University of Florida, with an outstanding award for graduates. She has at least 5 years of interdisciplinary first-line teaching experience, teaching students from primary school to university level and accumulated a lot of experience in teaching English, science and mathematics being praised for the professional academic advice and guidance provided. She has a passion for community services as well, and participated in and organized many domestic and overseas volunteer activities. In addition, she has a cheerful personality with many hobbies to enjoy in her spare time. She is also a fan of Chinese culture and proficient in Chinese communication.

Markus Tibbetts.jpeg

Markus Tibbetts, Math Teacher  joined Tsinglan School in February, 2021. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Warwick University in the UK before coming to China. Since then he has completed a master’s degree in Population, Resources and Environmental Economics at Fudan University in Shanghai, before adding a PGCE in Mathematics from the University of Oxford. Markus encourages his students to engage in mathematics as a process of exploration, realisation and generalisation. He believes that independent learning and problem solving are key skills that will benefit students far beyond the mathematics classroom. In his free time Markus enjoys travel, climbing hills, and playing the trumpet.


Marko Pavlovic, Math Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August, 2020. He graduated from Belgrade University “Union – Nikola Tesla”, holding a diploma in Engineering Informatics. He is implementing his knowledge that he got through years of experience working with learners ranging from kindergarten to Junior High School into his teaching. Marko loves cycling and snorkeling, and fully enjoys traveling, which brought him to China in the first place. 


Roselyn Baronia, IT/Design teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2020. She holds a degree in computer engineering from Manuel S. Enverga University and two master degrees in management and information technology. Roselyn has worked as an IT engineer in many international IT companies and has industry experience. Her teaching career started as a university lecturer, which is why she understands the technical requirements between program levels and the gap between education and industry. She is also actively engaged in research and has written several published research and development reports on engineering technology. She has served as a coordinator of the IT department and is one of the reviewers of the International Baccalaureate Organization's extended thesis and ITGS courses. She has a strong interest in technology-related research fields, such as robotics, game development, website construction, graphic design and 3D printing. 


Alex Wise, Science teacher, From England, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He was born and raised in England where he graduated from the University of Reading with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. Alex has been teaching overseas for over 8 years, has a passion for science and believes learning by doing is essential for students to develop skills. He ensures his classroom is a space where students can feel safe to make mistakes and where they also take pride and ownership of their learning. He is committed to empowering students to be confident and authentic learners, not just in class but in their daily lives. In his spare time, Alex is an active member of a Children’s Charity, committed to giving back to the community that is now called home. He also enjoys playing games, cooking and walking his dog.


Chunmei Li, Science Teacher and College Counselor, from the United States, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She has a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University, a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Industrial Management Engineering from Dalian University of Technology. Chunmei has been teaching for 17 years, mostly at University of California at Berkeley as a lecturer for both undergrad and graduate students. She has been a researcher in the field of Organic and Polymer Chemistry with over 20 journal publications, one book and one patent. Chunmei hopes to stimulate students’ interest in science, as well as enabling them to build solid foundations in science and engineering. She is eager to be a liaison between students and their dream colleges. She likes swimming and reading Chemistry journals in her spare time.


Candy Chang, Science Lab technician. Ms. Chang graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a Master’s degree in Materials Chemistry. Her research has focused on biological detection and Nano-materials synthesis. She has published articles on the SCI-indexed magaine RSC Advances: “Colorimetric Detection of HVA by self-assembly of Au Nano-rods with DNA Double Helix Side-by-side, End-to-end Structures” as a first author, and on SCI-indexed magazine ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces: “Gold Nano-disks arrays for localized surface Plasmon resonance based detection of PSA cancer markers” as a second author. Her hobbies include Japanese and anime.  She has established a Japanese language club, which received multiple awards as an excellent club. 


Autumn Liu, Science teacher. graduated as MA from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, major in biology. She mainly focuses on studying on. With open and optimistic personality, she likes running, Yoga and be good at making handcrafts. She has been working hard and focusing on details. She loves to stay with the kids and trust each kid is an angel for the teacher to love.


Colin Zhu, Bilingual science teacher, received his master degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry Pharmacy from South China Normal University. He has five years experience of international courses, including A-Level and China-US international high school courses. He participated in the teacher’s training named Project Zero of Harvard University, dedicating to cultivating the global competence of Chinese students and to combining science with life by PBL and STEM to stimulate children's desire to explore. His educational philosophy is to grow with students.


Winifred Wei,  Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Science from Beijing Normal University, where she studied on nest parasitism among birds. She owns a master’s degree in Education from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. During her graduate study, she explored the impact of blended learning on secondary students. She has more than 8 years of middle school biology teaching experience, and she used to win the provincial first prize for educational thesis writing, the college entrance examination simulated proposition competition, and get the title of Excellent Young Teacher and Excellent Scientific Research Advisor. In her free time, she is fond of hiking, mountain-climbing, and yoga. She had trekked around Qinghai Lake, Qinghai-Tibet highway, and the Yunnan-Tibet highway.


Sandra Ge, Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated from China University of Petroleum, Renmin University of China and University College London; she holds a Bachelor's Degree in chemical engineering and technology, a Master's Degree in psychology, and another Master's Degree in science teaching. Her teaching career stared off in 2014 and she has been teaching ALevel/IB/AP courses since 2018 in international schools in South China. She takes herself as a lifelong learner and has participated in numerous training provided by IBO and other authorized educational institutions. She is also keen to implement trans-disciplinary teaching and learning and create student-centered learning environment. Meanwhile, she considers adolescents' social and emotional development as important aspects in their school life. Yoga, swimming, cuisine, and movies are things she enjoys doing after work.


Lee, Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in 2021. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Education and Master’s Degree in Epigenetics from South China Normal University, he did his academic research in National Taiwan University and was later enrolled in IPCSL Program co-provided by Tsinghua University and UCL. With his years of rich teaching experience in IB, AP, A-level programs, he was once the head of Biology Department and the leader of DP Science Group, who was engaged in teaching and researching in AP and IB Program, in a famous international school in Guangdong Province. Later, as the Director of Teaching Management of an education group in Beijing, he was responsible for academic management of 15 campuses nationwide. During his spare time, he likes traveling. 


Sandra Liu, Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated with a first-class honors from the University of Manchester with a Master's Degree in Chemistry. After returning to China, she has been committed to the teaching of international chemistry courses. She is familiar with AP, IG and A-Level systems, and also have been tutoring for chemistry competitions and ACT to a large number of students, with high achievements and excellent results.


Heng Liu, Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He graduated from Northeast Normal University with a major in chemistry and has more 15 years of experience in teaching chemistry in the Guangdong High School Entrance Examination. Many of the students he taught have won the city's high school entrance examination First Place and the first prize in the Tianyuan Cup Chemistry Competition. He has served as the leader of lesson preparation team and the leader of teaching and research team. He was once rated as the national outstanding gardener in the Tianyuan Cup Chemistry Competition, and the city's outstanding tutor. Prior to coming to Tsinglan, he worked as a chemistry gatekeeper in a high-end private school in Guangdong Province. During his spare times, he likes reading, climbing and swimming.


Alice, Physics Teacher, Head of Cambridge Center, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021.She graduated from Beijing Normal University, Major in Physics and The University of Hong Kong as Education Major. She is IBDP examiner who has IB teacher certification. Used to work as college application counselor and director of academy in international senior high school, familiar with different curriculum.

Work as international teacher in junior school and senior high school for 13 years. The students vary from Grade 7 grade 12, the curriculum taught including National junior school physics, Checkpoint, IGCSE, MYP, A Level, IBDP, AP and VCE physics. Many students are enrolled in world famous universities. Working as Homeroom teacher for many years, good at communication and deeply understand the psychology development of students at different age. In her spare time, she loves playing volleyball, tennis and travelling.


Allen Wu, Science Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. Wu graduated with a Master degree in financial mathematics from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), has double bachelor's in NCEPU and FIU majored in electrical engineering and was titled "Outstanding Graduates". Wu has four years experience of teaching science subjects in international education field, is responsible for teaching Mathematics, Physics and Economics. In addition to teaching, Wu also familiar with the training of foreign exams like TOEFL, SAT and GRE. In Wu's free time, he enjoys basketball, bodybuilding and swimming. 


Qin Liming, Lab Technician, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated from Yulin Normal University with a major in applied chemistry. During her college years, she was in charge of testing and EHS management in many industry frontier laboratories, and worked as an experimental assistant and laboratory testing engineer for atmospheric environment testing. In her spare time, she usually like reading, growing flowers, playing musical instruments and traveling.


Lianming Yang, Lab Technician, Joined Tsinglan School in November 2021. He graduated from the Department of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, South China Agricultural University. After graduation, he has been engaged in laboratory work for many years and has rich experience in daily maintenance and management of the laboratory. In his spare time, he like basketball, swimming, fitness, and cycling.


Daniel Liu, IT teacher and Marketing & Admissions assistant, graduated from Southwest University China holding TEM 8. He is the core member of Maker Center, Sichuan Province. As one of the pioneer teachers in STEAM & Maker education, he has published several papers on STEAM. Many of his excellent teaching cases are included in books published by MITP. He believes that innovation lights up human life!


Charlie Chen, science teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Qujing Normal University major in electronic information science and technology and has been dedicated to STEAM education since his graduation. With outgoing, attentive and patient personality, he could balance tension and relaxation well in his class, letting his students learning in a joyful atmosphere and guiding them to study actively via exploration. He likes computers, sports and music.


Lu Zhu, IT teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Wuhan University and a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Statistics and Probability from Carleton University in Canada. She has both experience as a university instructor in China for 3 years, and as a security architect in CGI Inc. for 3 years, which is the first ICT service company in Canada. When she was working in the university, she delivered two IT core courses, developed curricula for eight courses, compiled three chapters in a national planning textbook of China, and supervised 10 bachelor’s theses. She was participated in researches for several national research programs of China and national specifications of China, including 973 and 863 programs. In her spare time, she likes reading and language learning. She has a N2 level certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


Chengwei Sun, IT Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. Graduated from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University.He served as the co-founder, product director and partner of Baizao Academy. The team won the 2nd place in Harvard University  i-Lab Entrepreneurship, and the top ten of Tsinghua University Internet + Entrepreneurship Competition. He was the leader of multiple STEAM courses, IT courses and design courses in terms of development and teaching. He also led the design and construction of multiple educational spaces including Tsinglan Science Space. He provided teaching and course design services for pre-text teaching institution at Harvard University, Tsinghua University Basic Industrial Training Center, Tsinghua University Industrial Engineering Department, Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Beijing No. 4 Middle School, Beijing No. 5 Middle School, Beijing Normal University Asia-Pacific Experimental School, Moon Shot Academy, etc.


Raphael Gao, Physics/IT teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He graduated from Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III) majored in Real Time system control (focus on Artificial Intelligence, Shapes Recognition and Robotics). In addition to teaching, he is also committed to programming, robotics and STEAM education curriculum development. With his adeptness in resource utilization, Raphael is versed with mobilizing and organizing students to realize their potential, and in the past, has achieved respectable results in international competitions. Mr. Gao has extensive experience in lab and research work with LAPLACE laboratory, AIP-PRIMECA laboratory of the University of Toulouse in France, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), as well as within the International School setting. He likes calligraphy, fitness and cooking.


Carol Liu, Math teacher, received Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Mathematics Education from Hong Kong Education University and Master Degree in International Banking and Finance from Hong Kong Lingnan University, and Bachelor Degree of Biochemical Engineering in Beijing University of Technology. It is regarded as a great pleasure to bring students joyful and creative classes for her. She believes every child is unique and their natural curiosity will be the first learning motivation in students’ lives. She will take great effort on maximizing students’ talents, exploring students’ thinking ability, improving students’ creativity as well. It is doubtless that every child has talent in a certain way. She hopes she will nurture students as WHOLE PERSON based on Multiple Intelligence Theory. Eventually, students love to learn and love to live.


Emma Wang, Math teacher, joining Tsinglan school in August 2020. She graduated from the Northwest Normal University with a BSc majoring in mathematics education.  She has been a teacher of mathematics for more than 20 years and worked in several international schools. As a qualified International Standardized Program Examiner, Emma has marked candidates’ examination papers and moderated mathematical explorations, she obtained valuable experiences in implementing assessment and facilitating students’ investigation and exploration in the learning of mathematics. She has also supervised students in their mathematics research and writing of extended essays. She has worked with students ranging in age from year 7 to year 12 and developed the belief that with practice, perseverance and effort, students have limitless potential to learn and grow. Emma had learned about Chinese calligraphy when she was in primary school and she likes appreciating different styles of this ancient Chinese art. In her free time, she also enjoys experimenting with paper clay, creating cartoon figures brings so much pleasure to her life. 

雙語數學老師-吳娜 Carolyn-cut.jpg

Carolyn Wu, bilingual Mathematical Teacher in Middle School, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from XiHua Normal University with major in Mathematics and Mathematical Application, studying in University of the People which allied to IB program for Master of Education.She has abundance of teaching experiences----almost ten-year mathematical teaching in Chinese Division and another ten-year mathematical teaching in International Department which focuses on IB DP and MYP. She also has IB Examiner experience for many years. Students love her teaching approaches, She would like to guide every student to have concept understanding of mathematics.She has hobbies like workout, health management, nutrition, photographing, traveling and cooking. Her hobbies make her life enjoyable and wonderful. 

數學老師-郝祥Xiang Hao-cut.jpg

Xiang Hao, Math teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Northeast Normal University major in Math. He has served successively as the armed police commander, deputy director of the teaching & research office, grade leader, Math teacher, group leader, upper school director etc. He was awarded the 3rd prize of national basic education research project, provincial and municipal outstanding teacher, teaching model, excellent class teacher, memory of great achievements and other titles. He has more than 20 years of front-line teaching experience. Being the Math examiner, lots of his students got full score at the examination. His teaching style is greatly welcomed by the students. He likes collecting and cycling, and can ride 1000 kilometers for six days at a time.


Michelle Ning, Math teacher, joining Tsinglan school in August 2020. She gradated from South China Normal University, majored in Educational Technology. She is our primary school mathematics teacher. She has 7 years of primary school mathematics teaching experience, including 3 years of international school experience. She was head of math in her previous school. She has a unique understanding of mathematics education. Ms. Ning also believes in lifelong learning. She participated in IB official trainings many times. She holds the official IBO CAT1 to CAT 3 certificates. She loves jogging and playing badminton.


Natalie Zhang, all-subject teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. She gained her master degree in Bilingual education and Multiculturalism fromUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst in 2017. As a certified ESL teacher in theMassachusetts U.S, she has taken diverse responsibilities in different schoolingsystems. As a previous ESL teacher in the U.S, a homeroom teacher ininternational IB school, as well as a language teacher in bilingual school, herteaching would be conducting through the lens of language development, trans-disciplinary, learner attributes as well as skill-development. 


Xuan Li, science teacher, graduated from Ocean University of China and Ghent University (Belgium). She obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Biological sciences in Ghent University. Her research topic is the cell signaling system in marine pathogenic Vibrio and she has published six articles on the SCI Journals as a first author. She has stable personality and high sense of responsibility. She loves to guide children to explore the world with scientific thinking and methods.


Yongfeng Chen, Math Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He graduated from Nanchang University with a major in business administration and East China Normal University with a major in Math Teaching. He has taught math for more than 4 years in high school, including 3 years of teaching experience for a cycle of Grade 10 to Grade 12 and 1 year as a the Math Content Leader of the school. He has a wide range of hobbies, such as sports, reading, traveling and food.


Lijuan Gao, Math Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. Graduated from Tsinghua University, School of Continuing Education with a major in Economics. In September 2017, she was selected as the outstanding teacher of Luohu District Education System in Shenzhen. From 2013 to 2017, more than 100 students were guided by her to participate in the "Four Places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits" Children's Mathematics Invitational, and more than 60 students won the First, Second and Third prizes. In 2016, during the 12th "Four Places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits" Children's Mathematics Invitational, she won the Outstanding Coach Award. In her spare time, she likes reading, listening to music, singing. 


Jason Guo, Math teacher, joined Tsinglan school in August 2021. With a Bachelor’s  degree in Applied Mathematics from Jilin Engineering Normal University and Master’s degree in psychology in progress from Renming University of China (expected 2023), he is an advanced lecturer in the whole brain exploitation and a successful teaching explorer in T-Model Intelligence Class. From 2015 to now, he has been dedicated in teaching math in international school settings, as the Head Teacher and the Leader of the mathematics department. He thinks the best teacher is the one who sparks interest in learning. With a variety of hobbies including reading, working out, travelling, scuba diving and many more, Jason has great wisdom in life.


Jinlin Wang, primary school mathematics teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021.  After graduating from Hunan Normal University, he has been engaged in teaching for more than 20 years. He won the titles of Wuhu Educational Star and Dongguan Teaching Expert. His humorous teaching style of knowing and loving children is very popular among students. He has won many national, provincial, and municipal honors for his guidance and teaching. He usually likes playing football, table tennis and other sports.


Riva Zhou, a bilingual math teacher, holds the IBDP Certificate in Teaching and Learning issued by IBO and the Chinese High School Mathematics Teacher Certificate. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master's degree in Teaching of Mathematics in an International Context. She has taught in well-known international schools in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen for five years, and served as the course leader of AP Calculus AB. Having a deep understanding of different international education systems, including IB, AP, A-level, and WACE, she advocates a student-centered learning and encourages differentiation teaching method, which allows students to consolidate math foundation in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, skiing, swimming and photography.


Willey Quan (Wenli Quan), Math intern. He was selected by Chinese government to the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to study MPA. with full scholarship. The life and teaching experience in the United States made him understand the importance of entertaining in teaching and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. He loves life and has a wide range of hobbies. He also has a great talent in music. He is good at guitar finger style and cover pop music. His love to language made him not only to speak fluent English, but also to study Japanese by himself and pass international Japanese level 2. He has his own study and thoughts on history, language, geography, psychology, art, composition, etc. His favorite sport is bicycle, and he has won the top 20 in city mountain cross-country competitions.


Jenny Zhu, Intern Math Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated from Jiamusi University and Shenyang Normal University as a Educational Technology major. When she was studying for her Master's Degree, she won the first prize of academic scholarship and gave an academic lecture at the on Knowledge Building Conference in 2020. She enjoys communicating with children, and she often excited about the children's divergent thinking and creative thinking. She asserts that every teacher should establish a good relationship with students. In her spare time, she enjoys music, films and travelling. 


Xinran Tan, science intern, joined in Tsinglan School in August 2021. She got her bachelor degree of science in chemistry from Oregon State University. After that, she continued to study in the U.S. and graduated from the City University of New York-City College with a M.S. degree in chemistry. She has 4 years previous working experience as a chemistry teaching assistant in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. She likes engaging students in diverse forms of thinking (like practical, analytical, reactive, exploring feelings and values). Besides, she hopes to build a classroom community that insist on respect and mutual support for students’ learning. In her spare time, she likes swimming, traveling and yoga.

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