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Laurence Curtis, PE Lead teacher.Mr. Curtis graduated from the  University of Brighton in the U.K. majoring in sports and coaching. He  has worked at the St Andrew’s Catholic Kindergarten in Eastbourne,and  at Taunton School in Somerset, southwest England. He Likes sports and traveling, and has volunteered for Football 4 Peace in Ireland, Israel, Zambia and South Korea. He likes to play handball, football, and golf in his free time.


Stuart Gribben, the PE teacher. He graduated with a Sports Coaching Degree in University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. He has been teaching in South Korea, Thailand, Dubai, Bangalore, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. In the summer of 2018 he is heading to Uganda to do some volunteering football coaching with a football academy in the north. In his spare time, he is a regular swimmer, runner and keen cyclist, which brings him to triathlons. In 2017 he completed his first international triathlon which was the Bahrain Iroman.


Sheeran Malachy, PE teacher with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from University of Limerick and is currently completing his PGCE qualification. He has a passion for sports and exercise and instilling a lifelong love for sports and physical activity in Children and young people. He has taught in many countries in including United Arab Emirates, Ireland and Thailand. Before becoming a PE teacher, he taught as an EFL teacher for many years. As a PE teacher he feels in a privileged position to help students realize their potential as global citizens and develop their motor abilities, social skills and leadership skills through physical activity and sport. He really enjoys adventure sports and competing in endurance sports, such as Triathlons, running, swimming and cycling.


Chloe Xie, PE teacher and Tennis coach, Canadian Chinese, graduated from Beijing Sports University with major in sports education. She has more than 15 years of tennis teaching experience. During her teaching in China, she was invited by the Chinese tennis association as an assistant tutor for ITF level 1 coach course. She used to be a professional player in TianJin tennis center and attended national youth team.Being a professional tennis coach in Canada from 2012 to 2018, she served as the head coach of the High Performance program at Timberlane Athletic club for 3 years, the High Performance coach of North York Tennis Academy for half a year and High Performance coach at Marilyn Redvers Tennis Center for two years. And coached at Ontario junior regrouping team.


Neboj?a, PE teacher. He is a Licensed FIBA coach, ex basketball player from Serbia, graduate at University of Belgrade Faculty of Sport and Physical Education major in Sports.  Coached Serbian star Nemanja Dangubic who plays for Spanish club Estudiantes and Serbia National Team. Well-experienced in sport industry more than 10 years, both coaching and educating in Serbia, Russia and China. Experienced as a head coach, leading school’s basketball programs for Western Academy of Beijing, British School of Beijing. As well as coaching students, kids, and professional players at various summer/winter camps. Passionate about education in sport area.


Mr. Marc Bigorra is a fencing coach from France who joined Tsinglan in March 2020. He has more than 20 years of experience being a professional fencing athlete and coach, including winning 11 gold medals in France and Switzerland championship games, three participations in the world championships, and a third place with the French epee team in 2000. He has earned more than 100 titles as provincial champions and 69 titles as city champions. He is good at inspiring children of all ages to excel in fencing and at enhancing their skills in the sport. Marc won two awards from the French Olympic Provincial Committee in 2006 and in 2013 for his results as a coach and as fencer when he becomes French champion in epee master series. He won in 2009 in Fribourg  (Switzerland) the award as the best coach of the year for the 5th place in the European women team Championships.


Chris Yan, PE teacher, graduated from Beijing Sports University (B.A. & M.A.) majoring in volleyball. He also enjoys basketball and fitness. In addition, Yan plays Guzheng (the Chinese zither) and received a Guzheng 9th level certificate. His life motto is: Do your best!


Hongbo Liu, Head of PE, one of the founding team members of Tsinglan School. Postgraduate of Beijing Sport University, majoring in physical education and training. Badminton national second-level athlete. Good at teaching basketball, football, swimming, inline skating, flag rugby, floor ball, frisbee and other sports. Regarding physical education, he advocates the promotion of sports thinking, perfect personality and "transferable skills" of students through sports. In his PE class, he focuses on inspiring every student's sports passion. In his spare time, his hobbies include reading books on history, geography and other humanities and social sciences; travel, playing  sports, watching movies and so on.


Caleb Mo, PE teacher. He got his bachelor degree in kinesiology from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park and postgraduate degree in physical education in Teachers College, Columbia University. He was a table tennis athlete. He won many medals as an athlete representative of Dongguan and Guangdong, including 2 Team Champions and Single Runner-Up in Guangdong Table Tennis Association Championship, 2 Team Runner-up in Guangdong Table Tennis Championship, and Sixth place in Guangdong Sport Meets. He studied at Presbyterian High School in Singapore for his secondary school, Guangdong Experimental School in Guangzhou and Concord First Assembly in Charlotte, USA, for his high school. He received all higher education in the United States so far as well. His immersed learning experience of balancing and excelling in both sports and academics shaped and deepen his belief of what Plato once said “a well-developed individual should be both physically and academically sound”. To promote this belief, he has participated different physical education workshops and attended different physical education meetings around the world. Caleb is willing to dedicated his education career to cultivate holistic individuals!

Besides sports, he also loves traveling. He has been to more than 20 countries besides China. He is looking forward to exploring more countries and cities with students during study trips of Tsinglan School and creating unforgettable memories.


Steve Min, Assistant to Resource Management Center and TSTA Assistant coach, gained his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Yangtze University and Beijing Sports University, respectively. As a PE teacher, he’s good at tennis, football, volleyball, bicycle, bodybuilding and other sports. Teenagers are like sunflowers to bloom, and he would like to be a farmer to help them grow.


Jason Lu, PE teacher, graduated from the Sports and Physical Education Institute of Beijing Sport University, with a major in table tennis. He has been an exchange student at University of California Berkeley during the study. He is a National level of athletes in table tennis and the national second-class table tennis referee. He has won the Zhejiang Championship singles championship many times, and the Chinese table tennis club B-League group ranked eighth. He is firmly believed that sports is indispensable for the shaping of complete personality. Cooperation with people, problem-solving, innovative thinking, pursuit of excellence and team spirit are the unique values of sports in cultivating talents. In the process of education, he pay attention to individual cultivation and respect every student. He inspires to cultivate complete personality through sports. He likes playing basketball, volleyball and fitness. And has a certain involvement in video editing, image editing and data analysis.

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Xiaodong Yu, PE teacher. He graduated from the School of Education of Beijing Sport University , majoring in physical education and special basketball. During the school period, I worked as an external basketball teacher in Beijing 156 Middle School, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Beichang Street Primary School, Shuncheng Street Primary School and Jinhai River Peasant Workers' Children School. The university intern in the experimental primary school of Niulanshan Middle School in Beijing, and trained a wealth of educational and teaching experience. In education and teaching, He thinks teachers should be friends with students, love students, promote and grow together with students. He personally like all kinds of sports, especially basketball, usually like to watch movies, listen to music and visit ancient buildings.


Ray Luo, PE teacher+Basketball coach,joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Hunan Normal University major in public utilities management and was a professional basketball player who has 15 years' experience in the CBA professional basketball league. He was selected to the national team three times and represented China in various international competitions. He was selected to the national youth team in his youth, and he won the MVP award when he joined the Asian Basketball Future Stars Training Camp. Growing from a youth player to an experienced player, he not only accumulated professional sports skills and tactics, but also acquired various abilities of professional sports teaching. Mr. Luo obtained the basketball coach qualification certificate issued by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2019, and began to conduct professional teaching courses for domestic teachers, coaches and teenagers.


Zhu Zhicheng, George, Former professional player and Former National team member, National First-class athlete, has rich experience in tennis competition and won many practical awards during his 16 years of tennis career. China Nike Cup U12U16 men's singles gold medal; Zhejiang Jiaxing International Tennis Tour (ITF) Doubles Champion in 2011; Fourth place in the Junior Davis Cup Asia Pacific at the age of 16. 17 years old, represented China youth tennis team in four European stops and five stops; In 2015, he won five ATP points in many competitions, ranking1150 in the World ranking world. In 2016, he defeated the Israeli player ranked 385th in the ATP Challenger held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. That same year, at the China Grand Prix in Shenzhen, i qualified to reach the championship, two points shy of defeating China's no. 1. Served as the head coach of Dongguan Orange Tennis Club for tow years He has led his players to obtain the first-class athlete certificate and won the men's singles championship in Fengxian Station of Nike Junior Tennis Tour in 2020.


Cici, PE intern teacher. She has a master's in Business administration, major in physical education industry management and Sport dance Performance from Xihua University. CiCi has obtained national-level cheerleading coach and referee qualification certificates, and has a rich experience in physical education. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she won various scholarships and participated in the program recording of CCTV and Sichuan TV many times; she was invited to participate in the performances of CBA and FIBA events, and her personal accomplishments have been repeatedly recognized by Chengdu Sports News, Chengdu Sports Family News, Xihua University official micro report.

CiCi represented China participating in the World Cheerleading Championships three times in the United States, creating the best score in the current domestic project. CiCi has won first place in an all the 13 times she has competed in the Chinese national cheerleading competition. CC loves to travel, she has been to Southeast Asia and the United States for summer vacations, sports, dance, reading are also some of her favorite activities.


Siyang Zhao, PE intern, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. He graduated from Beijing Sport University Chinese basketball academy major in sport training basketball. One year full-time physical education teacher in elementary school and one year assistant coach in junior team of Croatian professional basketball club. 
As a fresh teacher in campus, youth, energy and vitality are his best dominant weapon. By making use of his strength, he tries to improve teaching ability and be self-perfection through accumulating knowledge from other experienced colleague. He is always patient, honest and meticulous to his job. He loves sprinting, swimming, basketball, real-time news.


Luz Peng, PE intern, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from Wuhan Sports University with a master's degree in physical education, and jishou University with a bachelor's degree in physical education, majoring in football and dancesport. She is a national first-grade football referee, a national second-grade basketball referee, and a national second-grade track and field referee. She has served as a referee for many times in the National College campus football League. During her internship, she worked as a physical education teacher in Jishou Yaxi Middle School and as a football coach in a football training institution,She has rich teaching experience.She hopes to seek a new breakthrough from the traditional physical education model and guide children to carry out physical education with more effective methods.  She likes playing basketball, reading, dancing, traveling and cooking.


Zoey Zhao, PE teacher, graduated from Beijing Sport University, majoring in sports training (physical training class), and graduated from Beijing Normal University with a master's degree in sports training. Since he started practicing taekwondo at the age of 8, he has won the second place of Taekwondo in the international competition between China and South Korea and the champion of Taekwondo Championship in Liaoning Province. He was a member of the Taekwondo team of Beijing Military Region, the third section of black belt of Korea Academy of technology, and the national first-class referee of Taekwondo. He has cultivated more than 1000 Taekwondo students with the teaching concept of "fitness, self-defense and self-cultivation". During his study, he was awarded the first-class scholarship of Beijing Normal University and the title of outstanding graduate. Like diving (open water divers), skiing, reading, film, tourism, etc.


Polly Li, Tennis Coach, joined Tsinglan School in March 2021. As an athlete, she was in the ITF World Tennis Tour Junior finals several times and has gained a number of national and provincial championship titles. Afterward, she went study aboard to Australia for 6 years. During that period of time, she obtained the Junior Development Coaching Certificate and the Club Professional Coaching Certificate of Tennis Australia. She graduated from RMIT University with a major in Media (Bachelor) and from Monash University with a major in Teaching (Master). She has served as a coach of Monash and Glenburn Tennis Clubs in Australia. She was also the Monash University tennis team's Team Manager in 2019, leading her players to fifth place in the Australian National Games. Besides, she has won the Australian University Games several times and has a top 100 ranking in Australia. Her hobbies include pilates, reading, and film analysis.


Ian Wang, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He is getting his Master's degree in Sports Rehabilitation at Soochow University . He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) of the US National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has worked in the YMCA company in North Carolina for half a year and became an outstanding coach certified by the company. From 2019 to 2021, he served as the physical rehabilitation trainer of the Chinese National Women's Tennis Team, participating in major tennis events such as the Guarantee Federation Cup, the Four Grand Slams, and the Tokyo Olympics. The players he served have achieved good results in many foreign competitions. At the same time, he is also the physical rehabilitation consultant of Jiangsu Fire Brigade and Nanjing Training Bureau. In the team, he hopes to play a preventive role to help others become a better self.


Gao Teng, Football Coach/Intern PE Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in May 2021. He is a national first-level athlete, former professional football player, played for the Chinese Super League team Beijing Guoan, the Chinese Division One League team Wuhan Zall, Taizhou Yuanda and many other clubs. He has over 20 years of football experience and over 10 years of professional football experience. He was a part of the teams that won the 2nd place of the Chinese Super League, the 3rd place of the Chinese League B, the Chinese Champions League champion and numerous national or international competition champions or top titles. He earned his D-level coach certificate of the Chinese Football Association in 2021. He has served as the football head coach of many schools and football clubs in Beijing and Wuhan. During his spare time, he likes fitness and skiing.


Yaming Liao, Intern PE Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in sports training from Beijing Sport University. As a second-level national athlete, he was once served as an assistant coach for the Chinese women's volleyball team, and a referee in a number of volleyball cup matches. His major courses in University include physical training theory and methods, sports training theory and practice, and volleyball teaching. He has mastered the scientific methods to improve motor skills and physical fitness. He is a patient, active, responsible, and enthusiastic teacher of practical learning and physical education.


Eva Zhang, tennis coach of the Tennis Academy, joined Tsinglan School in November 2020.She graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong. She holds a PTR (Professinal Tennis Registry) coaching certificate and has received tennis training since she was a child, winning many provincial championships. She has been a tennis coach in high school and club before she join Tsinglan, and has a lot of experience in teaching tennis as she represented her school and won many tournaments during her college and graduate studies. She has a lot of experience in teaching tennis. She gives a lot of love and patience for children, and is good at communicating with students. She enjoys ball games, traveling and painting, and she is interested in nutrition.


John Zhang, Art teacher. He earned a BFA and MFA respectively from Central Academy of Fine Arts. During his studying at Academy, Zhang received several awards at Academy teaching show. In 2017, he participated in the national exhibition of fine arts and printmaking. He is extremely responsible and hard working. An independent thinker and problem solver, he is also capable of communicating, coordinating, and team-working. Flexibility and consistency are his motto. He loves art, swimming and reading.


Dorde Milovanovic, Art and Design teacher, from Serbia, joined Tsinglan School in March 2021. He obtained a Master's degree from The Faculty of Architecture at The University of Belgrade, enrolled in a 3 years Ph.D. program, and became a Ph.D. candidate. He has participated in numerous national and international competitions in art and architecture and won several awards in Serbia and China. He was involved in different scientific research projects, international conferences, and exhibitions and published many articles in monographs. He has been a teacher for over 6 years, with experience ranging from Primary school to College. His goal is to enable students to develop the ability for analytical observation and understanding of different design concepts as well as the principles of creation – from elementary ideas to complex visual and spatial systems. Dorde looks forward to providing the positive and stimulating atmosphere among students through lectures, workshops, discussions, critiques and presentations. He founded Children's voice web platform which promotes art, education, and charity work to support wider children communities through different collective initiatives and actions worldwide.


Frank Liu, Calligraphy teacher. Mr. Liu is a Tsinghua High School integration teacher. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He comes from a calligraphers’ family, and started learning calligraphy since childhood. When he studied in Beijing, his teacher was Zhao Shufan, calligrapher, painter, and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Mr. Liu’s calligraphy expertise is in the regular script of Ou Yangxun, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Zhao Mengfu, and Yan Zhenqing. He has a profound Chinese cultural foundation, and is a member of the Beijing Institute of Education Calligraphy Education Association. 


Amy Shen, Art teacher, received Bachelor Degree and Master degree in China Art Studies from Harbin Normall University Her Art works was demonstrated at China Qingzhou Culture Festival. She focuses on traditional national culture in her teaching while integrating multi-culture characters. She hopes her kids can find art everywhere and find limitless fun from art.


Amber Zhao,Art teacher, after graduating from the printmaking major of the CAFA (Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts), she joined the Tsinghua University High School-Shangdi Campus as a Art teacher. Her teaching focuses on helping students to explore their right brain wisdom and to establish the habit of artistic thinking using the the age-appropriate, adaptable and pluralistic art form. Her teaching aims at inspiring the students to develop their desire to become creative, to keep curiosity and to develop the exploration ability. Liberating students' creativity is not only her greatest goal but also the driving force of her daily work.


Yilang Hanzhou, art teacher, a member of the Heilongjiang Artists Association. Graduated from Harbin Normal University with Undergraduate degree in arts education and Chinese Painting art for his master. His works have showed at many domestic art exhibitions, including those organized by official art associations and invitational exhibitions of various enterprises. In his view, Chinese culture has unique aesthetic characteristics. He hopes to open the children's interest in Chinese art and culture through the teaching of the school and integrate Western contemporary art concepts and contemporary culture to form a unique aesthetic concept for each child. He has wide range of interests like painting, literature and natural history. He targets aesthetic education, the important part of modern education as his motivation for teaching.


Sarah Peng, Art Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She majored in water color for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the School of Fine Arts of Northeast Normal University. She has won many awards at provincial level art exhibits. At the same time, she has been teaching painting for more than a decade, she is good at igniting students’ passion for art, their creative thinking, and their art appreciation. She believes that a heart for beauty is also a heart for good, and art can integrate with life which is filled with joy. During her spare time, she likes swimming, photography, and reading.


Christina Zuloaga, Drama and Art teacher, from the United States, joined Tsinglan School in April 2021. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Winthrop University with a major in general studio fine art (Concentration in painting and drawing). Born in North Carolina but had the opportunity to move all over the USA with her family. She has over 13 years of teaching experience in drama, art, English and other subjects in the USA and China. Christina looks forward to engaging learners, building students confidence and creative voices as well as be a mentor and friend to guide them through their studies.


Ms. Violet Li is an art intern who joined Tsinglan in March 2020. She earned her B.A. from the Xi’an Acadamy of Fine Arts majoring in architectural & environmental design, her M.A. in contemporary arts from Birmingham City University and a second M.A. from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She has worked at the Eastern Festival programs in Tate Liverpool in 2019, participated as a designer project for the Museum of Hunan 2014-2016. She has a passion for art education, interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as creative thinking.


Hannah Zhu, principal assistant and Art teacher, joining Tsinglan School in August 2020, graduated with a master's degree in Graphic Media Design from the University of the Arts London and a bachelor's degree in Digital Media Art from Dalian Polytechnic University. She has strong professional ability and a rich teaching experience in guiding students to apply for top international Art & Design Universities. Assisting them in building high quality art portfolios in graphic design, digital media, film and television post-production, photography, curation and other majors. She teaches students by encouraging their natural curiosity with the hope of instilling a life-long passion for learning and creativity.


Lynn Liu, art intern teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with a B.A., majoring in product design(home design). Her major direction is home space design and home product design. Lynn has rich experience in curating exhibitions, such as international exhibitions and Design Week. Lynn's “Mortise-tenon Tangram” was invited to participate in some of exhibitions and has been the teaching demonstration work of New Wood Studio. Ms. Liu hopes to bring art class to life and improve experience in curiosity, exploration in inspiration and expression in motivation. She loves art, nature, architecture and reading.


Guo Tianjian, Calligraphy intern teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He was born into a family of teachers, and was trained by his family at an early age, and is well versed in the traditional classics of Chinese calligraphy. He graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2018 with a major in calligraphy, and received the highest award for his graduation work from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, " the Academy Award". He then enrolled in the Institute of Calligraphy at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, where he studied for a master's degree in calligraphy creation and research under teachers such as Du Dakai, Su Shishu and Qiu Caizhen. He has been teaching calligraphy for a long time since he was an undergraduate, and has extensive experience in teaching calligraphy to young people. Many of his students have won prizes in calligraphy competitions and have been admitted to calligraphy majors in universities. His educational philosophy is to create a person, not a copy of others.


Jianzhong Yang, Tsinglan Choir Chief Conductor and Music Director, joined Tsinglan School in May 2021. He graduated from the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association. He has served as the Choir Conductor of the Shaanxi Provincial Orchestra;the Choir and Conducting teacher of the Xi'an Conservatory of Music; Director, chief conductor, and artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of Shanxi Opera Theater; Deputy Dean, Professor, Master's Tutor, and Deputy Director of the Music Research Institute of Shanxi University Conservatory of Music; Vice-Chairman of Shanxi Musicians Association. He retired in 2017 and currently also serves as the permanent conductor of Shanxi Symphony Orchestra.


Dong Jinsheng, Tsinglan Choir teacher, joined Tsinglan School in April 2021. She graduated from Central Conservatory of Music. She used to work as an actor of Taiyuan Youth Song and Dance Ensemble(1971-1983), an actor of Shaanxi Orchestra Chorus(1983-1986), an actor of Shanxi Provincial Opera Theater Opera Troupe(1986-1989), and a performer of Shanxi Provincial Opera Theater Symphony Orchestra(1989-2010).bShe participated in national and international choral competitions with the Taiyuan Teachers College Choir and Shanxi Provincial Opera Theater Chorus and achieved excellent results.In her spare time, she likes painting and calligraphy, wellness practices, and taking a walk.


Pin Luo, a percussion teacher, a member of the China Marimba Association, a member of the China Percussion Association, a founder of Beijing Fengshang Drum Art Percussion Education Center, an artistic director of Beijing Fengshang Drumming Youth Percussion Orchestra, has engaged in youth percussion education for more than 10 years. He has rich teaching experience and has trained a large number of outstanding percussion art talents. The Beijing Youth Percussion Orchestra which he leads was awarded the first batch of five-star percussion orchestras in China. He has established many excellent associations for Beijing primary and secondary schools for many years. Since 2019, he works in  Tsinglan School Percussion Center.


Tatiana Zabegaevskaia, music teacher joining Tsinglan School in August 2020. Tiana graduated from the Russian State Conservatory of St. Petersburg with major instrument is violin. She is performing on stage more than 35 years and teaching more than 25 years . Tiana has been honored to play the famous Stradivarius violin - the most rare and exclusive instrument in the world . Generally, Tiana gives violin and piano lessons , leading in ensembles and orchestras, teach singing , as well as the music theory and history , for both, individual and group classes . Living and working in different countries she had got familiar with various foreign curriculums and have got good skills in the international communication . 
Tiana represents Music as a big part of the cultural education , and as a phenomenon which positively affects all major activities in our life . As an expert , Tiana motivates her students to understand the international language of music , to develop their sense of harmony and creativity. Tiana’s goal is to share her professional knowledge and broad experience with kids everywhere. In her spare time she likes to watch life performances , concerts and movies. She also rides a bicycle and cooks healthy food. 


Cici Chen, dance intern teacher, grew up in Xinjiang Urumiqi, graduated from Kansas University with a BA focused in modern dance, Ballet, Jazz etc.and she also is the membership of the university of company at Kansas university. She began her dance training at the age of four and got related professional training. She is currently teaching at the university of Kansas or other studios. She loves make the new friends, in the free times, Cici like stay with her cat and play computer games at home and fitness. 


Green Yang, music group leader, graduated from  China Conservatory of Music with a master's degree, major in music education and erhu performance, she learned erhu when she was seven, with  the 1st prize in the provincial Sandu competition. At school, she worked as the editor of the national-level project "New China army stage art classics" by people's music publishing house and the compilation of "music teacher education center" by China Conservatory of Music. Holding "Orff senior teacher certificate", Senior teacher qualification certificate,In 2015,she held  Erhu solo concert and released original song "Seagull" on Wangyiyun Music. In April 2020, she composed public welfare songs "You Breath I Breath" and "Back at Last" for Tsinglan school. She is good at music arrangement recording and post-editing.


Rita Liu, music teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2020. Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a major in music education (piano) and a master's degree from The Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in music education. Focus on modern music teaching methods. She holds a high school music classroom qualification certificate, teaches grades 1-3, and has developed a school teaching plan to teach them songs and basic music knowledge. She participated in the planning of large-scale events for about 300 people, such as the university New Year's party, the welcome party, and the recitation contest, and organized department personnel to implement the details of the event. She likes to play with her puppy, and also like to travel and take pictures.


Jiaqi Zhao (Cathy), music and drama intern teacher who joined Tsinglan School in August 2020. She graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music whose major was Chinese traditional instrument (pipa), then she got master degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, majoring in event and experience management. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in many performances and got rich experience in stage performances. Since she was a freshman, she has started to teach students pipa in art training institutions and primary schools. During the postgraduate study period, she joined the programme of the National Gallery and the Royal College of Art as an event planner who is in charge of staging event. Her hobby is travel and watch drama and musicals.


Daily Wang, Music Teacher and Choir Conductor Assistant, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021. She graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree, majoring in music theory, and has been engaged in music theory teaching, including art college entrance examination music theory and composition technology theory and the music theory of A-level and AP system. She has published many academic articles in double-issue journals and CNKI. During her spare time, she likes long-distance running, reading, writing, listening to music and singing.

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