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Inherits the tradition from Tsinghua University of "no sport, no Tsinghua", Tsinglan School attaches great importance to physical education. Tsinglan School believes that physical education is as important as other academic education. And Tsinglan School Tennis Academy (TSTA) is aiming at cultivating comprehensive talents who are excellent at sports as well as academic, cultivating students’ healthy values of lifelong sports which be applied into various fields. 


The physical education of Tsinglan School is design to help students move from campus sports to professional sports. Tsinglan School requires students participate in a variety of sports at younger age for developing well-rounded sports abilities. For different levels of tennis players to find the most suitable tennis path for their own, TSTA provides platforms for all player that can help different them to achieve the best results in different levels. TSTA will also provide following services: applying for sponsorship for outstanding athletes, recommendation for potential athletes accessing to national teams and provincial teams, consultation and support for athletes applying for the North American University teams.


TSTA adopts the ITAD (long term athlete Development) system of Canadian youth training and ITA training system of American University team. TSTA provides OFE (observing, feedback, evaluation) for each student to help them set up their study, training and competition plans reasonably in order to maintain their academy and tennis development synchronously. 


TSTA firmly believe that the combination of academy and tennis education is the direction of tennis development in the future!



Making Tsinglan School a center of sporting excellent

Academy are designed for high performance athletes

Gateway to higher education

Bridging the gap between school / PE / Coaching programs

Consistency and quality in the delivery of programs


To create a clear and sustainable pathway which is accessible for all abilities to promote the development and growth of tennis in China.


To build a pathway which prepares athletes to understand their core values, to develop skills and to achieve personal best performance at all levels of competition whilst fulfilling their passion for a life of sport.

TSTA coaching pathway

Our pathway is designed for students to reach the best of their ability.

Challenge themselves and achieve personal goals

Create a competitive environment with emphasis on decision making, game scenarios and game tactics

Sustainable Development 

圖片 1.png

TSTA have created the 5 pillars of competition which represents TSTA students’ clear and objective pathway.


圖片 2.png

Tennis program introduction

High Performance program

Recreational program 

Progressive tennis 

Social Emotional Learning program introduction

Emotion education has become one the most important part in nowadays’ education. Multiple studies have shown that effective Social Emotion Learning (SEL) is the crux for students’ development. Sports are one of perfect means to practice SEL.

TSTA’s curriculum are design to help students developing their emotion qualities as follow






Physical program introduction

Tennis belongs to the technical and tactical leading net confrontation project. Due to the limitation of the playing field and the characteristics of offense, it belongs to high-intensity intermittent sports. Combined with the characteristics of competition and energy supply, the physical qualities required for tennis are strength, speed, sensitivity, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Each quality requires targeted training, as well as targeted training combined with special items.

Stage1:Start active (Boy 6-9, Girl 6-8)

Stage2:Fundamental (Boy9-12,Girl 8-11)

Stage3:Developing (Boy 12-16,Girl 11-15)

Stage4:Advance developing(Boy 16-18,Girl 15-17)

Prevent of injury 

Athlete Observation, Feedback Evaluation

OFE will be completed in each semester for each athlete

The role of a supportive parent

To create an open conversation and relationship between Coach / Player / Parent.

Coach and parents both have responsibilities to support athletes to meet their own personal needs and goals


“Tsinglan Open” junior series U12

“Tsinglan Open” junior series U16

“Tsinglan Cup” team competition U12

“Tsinglan Cup” team competition U16

TSTA junior league spring season

TSTA junior league winter season 

TSTA Family tournament


Coach information


Head coach:Chloe Xie

Chloe Xie, Canadian, graduated from Beijing Sports University with major in sports education. She has more than 15 years of tennis teaching experience. During teaching in China, she was invited by the Chinese tennis association as an assistant tutor for ITF level 1 coach course. She used to be a professional player in TianJin Tennis Center and attended National Youth Team. Being a professional tennis coach in Canada from 2012 to 2018, she served as the head coach of the High Performance program at Timberlane Athletic club for 3 years, the High Performance coach of North York Tennis Academy for half a year, High Performance coach at Marilyn Redvers Tennis Center for two years and the coach at Ontario junior regrouping team. During her work, she participate the Coach 2&3 course by Tennis Canada coach developing program and qualify as coach 3 in Tennis Canada. In 2007, she was an international white badge official, and she participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2006 and 2007 Wimbledon Qualifiers, and the 2013-2014 Rogers Cup.


High Performance Coach:James Han

James Han graduated from the University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong, Master of Education. He has a pure American English pronunciation, and is well versed in American culture. He began training in tennis at the age of 10. During his study in the United States, he represented college teams and participated in ITF, ITA, and USTA professional competitions. He won the ITA series singles championship, the USTA series doubles runner-up, and was awarded as outstanding student athletes. He has a PTR certificate and has professional tennis teaching experience and advanced international teaching concepts. He is also familiar with the principles of educational psychology and pedagogy, and his teaching is lively and interesting.


Physical Trainer:john Lu

John Lu graduated from the Sports and Physical Education Institute of Beijing Sport University, with a major in table tennis. He has been an exchange student at University of California Berkeley during the study. He is a National level of athletes in table tennis and the national second-class table tennis referee. He has won the Zhejiang Championship singles championship many times, and the Chinese table tennis club B-League group ranked eighth. During the period of school, I studied the introduction of strength and conditioning, and had some experience in the physical training of teenagers and special athletic training.He is firmly believed that sports is indispensable for the shaping of complete personality. Cooperation with people, problem-solving, innovative thinking, pursuit of excellence and team spirit are the unique values of sports in cultivating talents.


Assistant coach:Steve Min

Steve Min gained his Bachelor's in Yangtze University and Master's Degree in Beijing Sports University, respectively. He is good at tennis, volleyball, cycling,  bodybuilding and other sports. Tennis is the second largest ball sport in the world and it will have a good development prospect in China. It’s also his favorite sport. He believes that this elegant and intense sport can bring endless possibilities to our children. The children of Tsinglan School are like sunflowers to bloom, and He would like to be a farmer to help them grow.


Tennis coach: Rasa Radovan Misic

Rasa Radovan Misic, graduated from the Nikola Tesla Faculty of Sport located in capital of Serbia / Belgrade with the major in Tennis.  Radovan is also more than 10 years in International tennis coaching world and the holder  of prestige International certificates from Serbian Tennis Federation B and C (equivalent to ITF level 1 and 2) and Professional Tennis Registry (Evolve 9 Junior Development and 10 & Under) . Part time coach and good friend of Bernard Tomic best ranked NO.17 ATP , Radovan was next to Bernard when he was a champion of Chengdu Open 2018 and also participate with him next year in Chengdu and on Shanghai Masters. Radovan also worked in International School of Beijing(CHINA), JC’s Tennis Academy (BAHRAIN),  Elitennis(MALTA), Tennis Academy ELITE(SERBIA). Radovan is very passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and creative  on the court , love to work with kids and love sports.


Tennis coach: Chris

He is a National Athlete Level 2 and Fitness Instructor Level 1. He obtains the bachlor degree and master degree from the Beijing Sport University which major are Physical Education and Sport Training with the Tennis and Volleyball project. He has to practiced and taught in University of International Business and Economics, Haidian Vocational College, State Sport General Administration;He teaches in North American teaching and training system after training in TSTA Tennis College. He has a deep understanding of Training Effect and Residual Training Effect.



Physical Trainer:Cici

Cici, PE intern teacher. She has a master's in Business administration, major in physical education industry management and Sport dance Performance from Xihua University. CiCi has obtained national-level cheerleading coach and referee qualification certificates, and has a rich experience in physical education. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she won various scholarships and participated in the program recording of CCTV and Sichuan TV many times; she was invited to participate in the performances of CBA and FIBA events, and her personal accomplishments have been repeatedly recognized by Chengdu Sports News, Chengdu Sports Family News, Xihua University official micro report.

CiCi represented China participating in the World Cheerleading Championships three times in the United States, creating the best score in the current domestic project. CiCi has won first place in an all the 13 times she has competed in the Chinese national cheerleading competition. CC loves to travel, she has been to Southeast Asia and the United States for summer vacations, sports, dance, reading are also some of her favorite activities.


Hold Level 1 Coach course of Chinese Tennis Association

TSTA winter camp TSTA

TSTA Summer camp TSTA

TSTA racket tryout day TSTA

TSTA Open house TSTA

TSTA Member Celebration Day TSTA

TSTA parents workshop

“Tsinglan Open” winner camp

TSTA year conference, TSTA


Award & Scholarship 

TSTA Sportsmanship Award.

TSTA The Most Improvement Award

TSTA The Best Achievement Award 

TSTA Volunteer Award

TSTA welcomes athlete with outstanding academic achievements to apply the special scholarships a year, which can get up to 350,000 RMB.


SongShan Lake Tennis association

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