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author:school release date:2020-02-27 10:45:39

Introduction to TSAA

Tsinglan School is an international school co-established by Huawei and Tsinghua University High School. The backer is Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd, and Tsinghua University High School is responsible for the education, teaching and administration. Tsinglan School is in the city of Dongguan, the international curriculum is modelled on Tsinghua High School, which is based on Chinese educational concepts and western education. It is committed to blending the best of Chinese and western educational philosophies and practices, providing international education with Chinese and Tsinghua characteristics.


TSAA is established on the basis of this excellent international education background, and provides a professional channel for those students who aspire to study art as a major, as well as improve their overall aesthetics. TSAA has an outstanding team of teachers and mentors. Teachers all graduated from the top art academies in China and abroad, having rich experience not only in the vanguard of teaching but also in exhibition and studio practice in the wider art community.

Teaching Pedagogy

The teaching pedagogy of TSAA combines educational concepts from international and first-class universities in China, by using the most advanced teaching methods, including comprehensive lectures, professional instructional courses, workshops, immersive studio environments. We embrace adaptive learning methodology, differentiated instruction with one-to-one personal customized professional tutorials.

Professional Development Direction

To meet the diverse needs of our students’ career development plan, TSAA provides various courses for students, including fine arts, sculpture, printmaking, painting, ceramics, photography, art history, fashion design, jewelry design, illustration, graphic design, visual communication, interactive design, industrial design, animation, architectural design and other art categories.


Extend the Horizon

Preparing a solid foundation for a students’ career plan in advance. TSAA supports the professionally diverse international, domestic art research methods and content. Improving students' artistic literacy and understanding to support the future requirements of related professional interests.

Guidance for Applying School

The aim of conducting a differentiated analysis of each students’ personality and ability, the TSAA team has made a plan for the guidance and improvement for each phase of their learning. Based on each students’ characteristics, including English improvement guidance, SAT, AP and other academic exam preparation; Through our training and professional art courses, students are able to continue developing in education either at home and/or abroad. TSAA cultivates the most promising elite candidates for domestic and overseas art academies.

With its superior teaching environment, professional way of teaching and mentoring, as well as outstanding educational concepts; TSAA provides the wings for childrens’ artistic dreams and a pathway towards your childs’ artistic goals.

Responsibilities and Missions of TSAA

TSAA is set up under the context of school's forward-looking concepts and international teaching background. The school attaches great importance to the promotion of the discipline of arts, to develop and cultivate future-oriented talents with independent thinking and critical thinking. Meanwhile, the main teaching concepts of TSAA are cultivating and improving students' aesthetic and creative thinking, learning from challenges and a constructivist learning process.

"Art literacy" is one of the core literacies that new talent must gain and possess in the 21st century. Excellent art and design talents are scarce resources in various fields in the world. Therefore, it is a clear responsibility to cultivate students’ professional artistic ability and comprehensive artistic literacy. The goal for TSAA is to guide students facing the future challenges independently, dealing with problems creatively and building a better world.


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