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Tsinglan School Standardized test Academy(TSSA)

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Tsinglan School is a pre-K through grade 12 international school committed to blending the best of Chinese and western educational philosophies and practices. In a compassionate, free, open, and collaborative school culture, Tsinglan cultivates thoughtful, responsible, intelligent, and interesting young citizens and sets them up on the paths to pursuing truth.

Mission: Cultivate limitless talents, create a limitless world.

Motto: Try, and all is possible.

The goal of TSSA is to help students to get the best standardized test scores by strengthening English skill, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. We have world-class faculty, as well as a veteran curriculum design and research team. All of the core instructors have abundant experience in research of the tests and superior pedagogy.

Our Mission

Tsinglan School’s motto is “Try, and all is possible.” The various courses offered by each academy serves as the scaffold for the school’s core curriculum. With the collaboration from multiple domains within our school, students will develop stronger and better academic skill. The courses of TSSA serves as the most solid foundation which provides the powerful aid students need in order to succeed in the challenging standardized tests. In addition, they help students enter world-class universities which best fit each individual.

Our Promise

TSSA promises that we protect students’ curiosity toward the world, arouse interest and foster passion for English; that we keep looking for the best learning materials from latest world affairs which promote critical thinking, discussion and reflection, and which enhance students’ English comprehension skills and the ability to solve challenging exam questions. In the end, our goal is to both dramatically improve test scores and strengthen English core skills. Besides, TSSA also aims to provide students with other soft skills which are essential for becoming a true life-long learner, such as grit, critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication.

We also promise that we put the cultivation of global vision as our top priorities. Under the long-term trend of globalization, not only do we provide students with the tools to better cope with tests, but we also give them the skills and mindset to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems with people from different cultures, backgrounds and civilizations. We hope students have readily at their hands the skills to improve and change the world.

Our Pedagogy

TSSA blends the best of Chinese and Western educational philosophies and practices. 

When preparing students from Grade 6 to Grarde 9, we implement the latest findings from Western neuroscience and cognitive research. For example, Understanding by Design (UBD) by Grant Wiggins and retrieval practice, spaced practice and interleaving are all incorporated into our curriculum to ensure long-term transfer of knowledge and skills. Using well-designed and diagnostic quizzes, we quickly identify the specific weak areas where students need guidance and further practice. In this way, we lay a solid foundation for each individual core skill: reading, listening, speaking, writing, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership.

When preparing students from Grade 9 to Grade 11, our goal is to get the best score in the shortest time frame. We use short-term, high intensity programs to quickly build a systematic framework of skills and techniques to help students better deal with the tests, which saves students precious time to focus on other aspect of demanding college application.

Our pedagogies include but are not limited to: well-designed lectures, socratic seminar, English fiction & non-fiction book clubs, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, debate and group presentations.

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Our Curriculum

Our core courses are the language tests TOEFL and IELTS, and the SAT.

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Our non-core courses cover all major tests currently available on the market, including AP, SAT2, ACT (A-level and IB courses are under development). For students with special needs, TSSA will provide customized courses to each individual to meet those needs. 

Cultivation of essential writing skills in college application

When applying to universities, in addition to high test scores, it is imperative that students have excellent writing skills which allows them to compose high-quality Statement of Purpose (SOP), writing samples and responses to application questions. Unlike the icy test scores, these writings are the keys that helps admission officers to see and build a vivid, positive and vivacious image about applicants. Therefore, writing skills and techniques are equally important to the result of college application.

TSSA will teach students how to write the best SOP and writing sample, by gradually mastering the core writings skills and techniques, and by aiding each student to find and form a distinct style of writing. Students will learn how to communicate ideas precisely and concisely, how to lay out the best overall structure, how to describe the changes of one’s understanding about the world and about oneself, how to grab the attention of admission officers from tens of thousands of applications by using skillful storytelling and appeals to emotions, how to highlight the main thread, and finally, how to write the perfect conclusion.

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Personalized Learning and advanced IT system

TSSA creates a digital profile for each student to keep track of the mastery of all the necessary skills which are essential to success. We provide periodic analysis and feedback to both students and parents, pointing students to the specific areas where they need more practice. Furthermore, we layout long-term plans to guide students and parents through the complex journey of college application. Parents can always check and keep track of students’ academic performance from our IT system, as well as communicate and collaborate with our faculty to get the best outcome for each student.



Sen Foo, Director of TSSA, received his Bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa, and Master’s degree in Private School Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. He has nearly ten years of experience both teaching and researching English standardized tests, including TOEFL, GRE, SAT and SSAT. Previously, he worked as the dean of faculty of North American Test Department of New Oriental Beijing School, and was awarded the best instructor title given only to the top 5%. His class is humorous and student-centered. He skillfully uses Socratic seminars to push students to think, constantly encourage students to explore the unknown and to fully embrace the challenges and doubts which students encounter while learning. He believes these constitute the best way to ensure the long-term transfer of knowledge and skills.


Cathy Kang, Director of ESL Centre, graduated from Xi’an Foreign Languages University with a master’s degree in English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Being an admitted member of TESOL and NACAC, she has been working in international curriculum program and offering college counselling in one of the top high schools in China for about 10 years. With these practical experiences, Ms. Kang has also committed herself into academic researches, focusing on the studies of second language acquisition and curriculum system constructions. Meanwhile, she has successfully coached students in various national and international competitions. The Debate team under her coach has stood out for many times in national and international events as the Champions, the Best Teams and the Best Speakers. Many of her students are now studying at the top universities such as Yale, Stanford, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of California and etc.


Grace Li, TSSA & ELA teacher. Ms. Li graduated from Durham University in the U.K., where she earned a master’s degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). She also graduated from the South China Agricultural University, when she did an exchange program in the University of New South Wales in Australia. With an outgoing personality, Ms. Li enjoys language learning, cross-cultural volunteering, reading, exercising, and traveling. She has volunteered in teaching Chinese and overseas students of different ages, and has participated in different cross-cultural activities.

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Jie Yao, TSSA and ELA teacher. She graduated from Xi'an International Studies University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She studied English education, international journalism and Japanese studies, and worked at Hong Kong International School for 3 years. She likes music, movies, reading, jogging and yoga.


Shuying Li, TSSA & ELA teacher, graduated from Hunan University, University of British Columbia and University of Western Ontario. She worked as a teaching assistant in North American Test Department and British Test Department in New Oriental, and she also traveled to Nepal and Morocco as a volunteer English teacher. She loves the piano and pass the level 10 amateur test. She enjoys outdoor sports, travel and dance.


Ashley Yu, TSSA Assistant, graduated from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and University of Manchester. With her excellent academic performances, she has won scholarships for many times. She has also once provided translation and interpreting services for companies and educational institutions.

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