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Tsinglan School Policies Regarding Official Transcripts, Report Cards, and Recommendation Letters

author:school release date:2020-04-01 15:14:00

In order to safeguard the authenticity of student documents, the Academic Office and College Counseling Office jointly issues the following policy regarding official transcripts, report cards, and recommendation letters at Tsinglan School and for Tsinglan School students, alumni, and community.


1. Academic Records


Tsinglan School does not issue official transcripts or report cards to individuals, including students, parents, agents, or school employees. These official documents will be sent from the Academic Office or College Counseling Office directly to schools/programs a student applies to upon the student’s written request with the Academic Office. Students must write to the Academic Office at least two weeks in advance for transcripts to be generated, and fill out the “Academic Record Request Form”:   


Tsinglan School processes each academic record request within 10 business days.


In the meantime, if a student wishes to obtain an unofficial school document for personal record, s/he may do so by writing to the AO. The following images show the ways in which official and unofficial school documents differ:




2. Recommendation Letters


Tsinglan School does not issue recommendation letters to individuals, including students, parents, agents, or school employees. Students must write to their teachers at least two weeks in advance for recommendation letters to be written. Students need to contact directly any teachers from whom they wish to request letters of recommendation.


Tsinglan teachers must write their own recommendation letters and sign only letters written by themselves. No student (or parent, agent, etc.) should approach a teacher with a “fake” recommendation letter and ask the teacher to sign it. Teachers and administrators reserve the right to not complete recommendations for students if the teachers cannot provide strong positive statements, the teachers do not know the students well academically, and/or when the teachers do not receive two weeks’ advance notice. To ensure that teachers will provide honest feedback, all recommendation letters are confidential to students or anyone else, which is another reason why the letters cannot be given to any individual.


If the school/program a student applies to has an online application, the student should obtain the link for the online application system and send the link to the relevant teachers to complete the recommendations and school document upload online. In cases where online application is unavailable, students should print out the recommendation form and give it to the teachers. Once a teacher writes a recommendation letter, s/he should deliver the official letter (with the teacher's signature) to the Academic Office, and the Academic Office will mail it to schools/programs together with the students’ other school documents.


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