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Tsinglan School Academic English Prep Course Guide

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Fine Tiering,

Refined Curriculum

Outstanding Faculty

Perfect transition to CCSS


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It is our belief that all students are entitled to receive good international education. Tsinglan academic courses are designed for those who apply for Tsinglan but fail due to a lack of English, yet these candidates have good learning habits and potential or special gifts in art or PE.

Candidates will be recommended after admission test to the appropriate level.

Prep Course A:For K-4 students who are to enter G1-5 in August.

Prep Course B:For 5-G9 students who are to enter G6-G10 in August.


·  Accurate placement test for tiering;

·  Small-sized class to ensure adequate attention and support to each student;

·  Student-centered approaches to inspire and engage students;

·  Comprehensive curriculum structure;

·  Professional and experienced faculty team;

·  Advanced facilities and technologies;

·  Mature reading& writing curriculum to help students improve vocabulary, skills, writing, critical thinking skills in students so that they can be prepared for English learning environment;

Stagely test to facilitate students’ mobility among tiers.

Course Contents and Objectives

Prep Course A:For K-4 students who are to enter G1-5 in August.

Tsinglan School

G1-G5 Academic English Prep Course Structure

Emergent English Readers


Children's Best Sellers Reading


Guided Reading and Writing


Academic English Reading Skills


Academic English Writing Skills


Library Reading and Writing

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Prep Course B:For 5-G9 students who are to enter G6-G10 in August.

Tsinglan School

G5-G9 Academic English Prep Course Structure




Guided Reading and Writing






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1. Summer program (school calendar modified )

5 weeks boarding program from June 29 to August 7 in 2020. 2

6 blocks of English each day and 30 blocks each week

150 blocks in 5 weeks.

2. School year study(6 blocks each week, 30 weeks in one year which make 180 blocks in total.

8:00am -8:25am every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

B9 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Cathy Kang, Director of ESL Centre, graduated from Xi’an Foreign Languages University with a Master Degree in English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and is an admitted candidate of USC Global Executive Ed.D program. Ms. Kang is a member of NACAC and TESOL and has been working in international curriculum program and college counselling in one of the top high schools in China for about 10 years. She has been an English teacher in High School National Curriculum, SDP, IELTS and TOEFL. She has successfully coached students in various national and international competitions. The Debate team under her coach has stood out for many times in national and international events as the Champions, the Best Teams and the Best Speakers. Ms. Kang has been invited for multiple times to both national and international counselor conferences. Many of her students are now studying at the top universities such as Yale, Princeton, Peking University, Tsinghua University and etc.


Marybell Wei, ESL teaching consultant for primary school, joining Tsinglan school in April 2020. She was graduated from The University of Edinburgh UK and was accredited with CELTA certificate by Cambridge ESOL center. Marybell has worked in the field of K12 international education for six years in curriculum development and teaching management. She was invited for promoting the use of authentic texts and the importance of academic English learning. Students from her school successfully won the First and Second Prize for MMUN Shenzhen and USAD awards; some of them were also admitted by well-known institutions such as Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Marybell is familiar with international education system and standards and ESOL class requirements, owing to her work and study in UK, New Zealand as well as China.


Kelsey Rivera, Drama teacher, was born and raised in New Jersey in the United States. She has a B.A from Rowan University in Theatre and an M.A in Theatre Education. She has been teaching theatre since 2012 and is very passionate about it! In her spare time, she enjoys cuddling with her cat and watching Netflix. She also enjoys cooking and nights in with friends playing board and card games.


Carl Klopper, English and Humanites teacher, graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with bachelor degree in Business Management and law as well as a post graduate qualification in education from University of South Africa. Carl is a passionate teacher who strives to use western learning methods to encourage critical thinking and innovative students. Having taught in South Korea, China and South Africa to a variety of levels he has gained valuable experiences that he incorporates into his teaching philosophy. He strives to help students grow and develop their intellectual capabilities. He believes all students have the ability to be innovative and creative. He wants students to take initiative in their learning and to incorporate ethics.


Jacqueline Browne, English teacher, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Kwazulu Natal in Durban, South Africa. Thereafter she completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education, with a focus on Home Language English and English Literature and Dramatic Arts. She has been teaching as a senior English Literature and Language teacher and also taught world-class curriculum of the IEB. At Crawford College North Coast, she fulfilled the roles of Head of English, Head of AP English. During her time at Crawford College North Coast, her pedagogical practices and outstanding academic results were recognized with a ‘Teacher of Excellence’ award. Jacqueline enjoys traveling, reading, road and trail running and cooking. 


Karla Trollip, math teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2018 from South Africa. She has graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and University of South Africa. Karla fully understands the challenges of learning in different contexts. She believes that accepting cultural differences is important because it is of great value to innovative learning. Karla is passionate about teaching. She likes children of all ages to create a difference in their lives and believes that different teaching methods can create extraordinary results.


Christopher E. Ludwig, English teacher, graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana major in English literature Honors Program, Singapore National Institute of Education (NIE) major in applied linguistics. He has more than 20-year English teaching experiences and administration working experiences. He worked as English content leader, curriculum designer, assistant to Principal, vice principal with rich experiences of interdisciplinary and differentiated instructions. Chris is focusing on the the development of students’ personality and characteristics by providing strong support and instructions to them. He is widely recognized and loved by the colleagues and the kids for his class teaching and personality.


Wade Putman, ESL teacher. Mr. Putman graduated from the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Chinese Language. He is fascinated by China and Chinese culture. His hobbies include reading, cooking, traveling, and adventure. He looks forward to growing together with the school and its children at Songshan Lake.


Doris Tan, ESL teacher. With a Bachelor's degree in English awarded by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and a Master's degree in General Education awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, used to work at an international school for many years. She has rich working experience in the education sector and will continue her long-term career in the education sector and contribute to students' growth as well as progress.


Grace Li, ESL Teacher. Ms. Li graduated from Durham University in the U.K., where she earned a master’s degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). She also graduated from the South China Agricultural University, when she did an exchange program in the University of New South Wales in Australia. With an outgoing personality, Ms. Li enjoys language learning, cross-cultural experiences, reading, exercising, and traveling. She has volunteered in teaching Chinese and overseas students, and has participated in different cross-cultural activities.


Purdy Ran, ESL teacher, has an MA in Media, Culture and Society from the University of East Anglia, and an MA in Education from Durham University. Purdy finished a micro movie making during her study at UEA and be awarded as honored graduation at Durham. She is an experienced primary school English teacher, and is loved by students and parents for her active classroom atmosphere.

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