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Su Wenxing, Music Director, Conducting Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. He has been the conductor of China Film Orchestra, the conductor of China Symphony Orchestra Chorus, the music director of Hunan Symphony Orchestra, the music director of Henan Symphony Orchestra, the permanent conductor of Hebei Symphony Orchestra, the music director of China Yellow River Symphony Orchestra, and the artistic director of China Opera and Dance Theatre.


Chang Zhang, Cello teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He graduated from Xi’an Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the China Music Association and a national level cello player. He was the music director of Gansu Provincial Opera House and Gansu Symphony Orchestra.


Haichun Hao, Oboe teacher, joined joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He is a National Level Performer, a member of Chinese Musicians Association, a member of Shanxi Provincial Musicians Association and a council member of Shanxi Provincial Wind Music Association. He graduated from Shanxi University of Arts as an Oboe major. He was the leading Oboe player of Shanxi Symphony Orchestra and an Oboe professor of the Music major of Shanxi University of Arts. He was invited to attend the Beijing International Oboe Festival as an expert multiple times.


Jiaying Zhang, Percussion teacher, joined joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. She is a National Level Performer, a member of Chinese Musicians Association Percussion Music Society, a member of Shanxi Musicians Association. She Graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music with a major in percussion. She was the leading Timpani player and the head of Percussion section of Shanxi Symphony Orchestra.


Tuoyu Li, Viola teacher, joined Tsinglan School in March 2021. He graduated from the Conservatory of music of the Minzu University of China with a Bachelor's Degree and Royal College of music with a Master's Degree in Viola performance. In 2019, he returned to China and worked as a viola player of Zhengzhou Philharmonic Orchestra and a teacher of Viola in conservatory of music of Henan University. He won the prize of 2020 Philharmonic Huasheng International Music Competition and the first prize of the 2021 International Youth solo competition. At the beginning of 2021, he played a solo viola music with Zhengzhou Philharmonic Orchestra in Zhengzhou Grand Theater. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, piano and music arrangement.


Ning Ning, Deputy Director and Flute teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. She graduated from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and Haute école de musique Genève as a flute major. When she was studying abroad in Switzerland she was a flute professor for 3 years, teaching students from Switzerland and Germany. During that time, she also attended multiple concert performances (solo,chamber music and Symphony Orchestra). After she came back to China in 2013, she has been teaching flute ever since. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, scuba diving, fitness and photography.


Owls Sun, Clarinet teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He gradated from Central China Normal University, Music Performance-Clarinet major. During the school years, he was a clarinet player for Central China Normal University’s Symphony Orchestra. In his spare time, he enjoys board games, movies and cooking.


Yue Cai, Horn teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. She graduated from the orchestra department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, was the horn player of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, the principal horn player of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, and the horn player of Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra.


Andrew Davis, graduated from the Cincinnati College of Music (CCM) in Ohio. Originally from the United States, horn player, composer and conductor. He has served as principal horn in the Yellow River Symphony in China.


Alexander Pyankovsky, Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster and Violin Teacher, from Russia, joined Tsinglan School in October, 2021. He graduated from Almaty State Conservatory of Music with a Doctor's degree in violin and a Master's degree in conducting. He is the artistic director and conductor of the Alexander Chamber Orchestra. He was a distinguished professor of Nanjing University of the Arts and guest principal of Jiangsu Symphony Orchestra. 


Eureka Ma, Trumpet teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He graduated from the Orchestra Department of Tianjin Conservatory of Music(TJCM) with a major in trumpet, admitted to the Graduate Department of TJCM with the second score in the total postgraduate entrance examination, and continued to study for a master's degree in trumpet performance in 2018. He has performed with the college orchestra and professional orchestra for many times, and has developed the ability of ensemble playing.“If you gaze,please gaze into the soul.”this was his understanding of trumpet music all along. In his spare time, he likes reading and fitness.


Pengkai Yang, Trombone teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He graduated from North University of China, Musicology-Trombone Performance Major. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience. During the period of time, he instructed and leaded Orchestra to participate in various levels of competition multiple times and have received outstanding results.


Lu Liu, Violin teacher, joined Tsinglan School in April 2021. She started her Pre-College in Juilliard Music School and finished her Bachelor's degree in Mannes School of Music. She graduated with the Master degree in Manhattan School of Music in 2020. During her study in the U.S., Lu held multiple personal concerts, along with many chamber music concerts in venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Harvard Club in New York. She was invited to attend many music festivals as a performer for the past years. Lu has won multiple first place awards of music competitions like The Missouri Music Festival Competition and the New York J.S.Bach competition. The orchestras Lu had worked with are worldwide including Manhattan Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony and Qingdao Ocean Festival Orchestra. In her spare time, she enjoyed running outdoor, reading, or painting sometimes.


Bo Li, Violin teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Guangxi Arts University, Music Performance major and his Master’s degree from Wuhan Conservatory Of Music, Music Performance and Education major. During his undergraduate school years, he composed a String Quartet and won the second prize of Guangxi Arts University music competition. During his graduate school years, he participated multiple practices and concerts of Dongfang Symphony Orchestra, and the Charity Concert hosted by Wuhan Conservatory Of Music and Tencent Dachu Network. In his spare time, he enjoys comics, soccer, traveling and food.


Na Zhang, Cello teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February 2021. She graduated with a master’s degree in Cello major from Jilin University of Arts. During her school years, she was the leading cello player of Jilin University of Arts Youth Symphony orchestra. After graduation, she took a position at China Changchun Film Studio Changying Orchestra as a cello player and was a part of the concert tour of Changying Orchestra till this date. During her career, She has participated multiple national level TV shows and music concerts, and has held a solo concert.  


Richard Wang, Double bass teacher, College Counselling (Art Direction), joined Tsinglan School in April 2021. He earned his Master's degree from Indiana University-Bloomington, Jacobs School of Music. During his college time, he was invited by the Indiana Columbian Orchestra and the Charlotte Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra as Double Bass Assistant Principal. After college, he joined Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in 2009 as he toured with the orchestra to 13 different countries. He has published numbers of articles related to Double Bass with several national publicities. During his spare time, he likes to play badminton and he was the finalists of Intercollegiate badminton Association men's championships.


Crystal Tian, Bassoon teacher, joined Tsinglan School in March 2021. She graduated from Akademia sztuki w Szczecinie Bassoon major with a bachelor's Degree and Akademia Muzyczna im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszcz Bassoon performance major with a Master’s Degree. When she was studying aboard she participated multiple Symphony Orchestra Concerts and Chamber Music Concerts and received great feedback. She came back to China in 2017 and worked as a bassoon educator. During her spare time, she likes traveling, fitness and music.


Ching Yao (Stephanie) Chung, percussion teacher, joined Tsinglan School in April 2021. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University, Percussion Performance Major, and received the Artist Certificate. During her college period, she joined and performed with Wind ensemble, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, UCO ( University Choir and Orchestra), Personal Recitals and concert tour in Northern California and Canada. After she returned back to Taiwan in 2017, she taught New Taipei City Youth Orchestra in music classes and percussion lessons in International Schools. She also focused on teaching 2-5 year olds in music education and private lessons in the percussion. In her spare time, she likes to travel and workout.


Miko Huang, Harp Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in August 2021.  After graduation from the Central Conservatory of Music, She was admitted to the Graduate School of the Central Conservatory of Music for advanced studies.  During his studies in Beijing, She performed with many famous symphony orchestras in China, including Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau and other regions. She held many solo and chamber music concerts during the university and graduate studies.  During her spare time, she likes to play badminton, listen to music, travel and fitness.


Wanxu Zhao, Bassoon Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in September 2021. He majored in Bassoon and graduated from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne-HEMU, Switzerland. Participated in various concerts(including solo, chamber music, and Symphony Orchestra) for many times during the overseas studying in Switzerland, as well as taught many Swiss and Chinese bassoon students. Has been engaged in bassoon teaching and related works of Symphony Orchestra since returning to China in 2020. In the spare time, enjoy reading, fitness and piano. 


Aixi Li, Violin Teacher, joined Tsinglan School in February, 2022.  She graduated from Music Department of North Minzu University (undergraduate) and Russia's Astrahan National Conservatory of Music (preparatory master's degree). In 2010, she returned to China and has joined Nanjing Philharmonic Orchestra, Alexander Chamber Orchestra and Wubianjie Music Art Center (the former Nanjing orchestra School), participating in performance and music teaching for teenagers, including violin solo teaching, string ensemble teaching and string chamber  orchestra rehearsal teaching.

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