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The academic program at Tsinglan Middle School is designed to help students develop the skills, habits, and discipline of high-achieving learners. The essential emphasis is placed on the process of learning and on the development of abilities. Students will be challenged to grow in capabilities and confidence in order to succeed in the Upper School, and gain the desire and commitment to become active members of the larger community. 

The expectation of the Middle School is that all students enter with some knowledge of English and that throughout their time, they move towards a level of competency so that they can understand grade-level English with minor support. Again using the U.S. Common Core State Standards we ensure that students are moving ahead on pace and can move into our school from abroad without too much difficulty. The Middle School also provides students with the solid academic foundation in major academic subjects, and our Chinese education is no less rigorous than that found in any competitive Chinese school. Our progressive dual language immersion program lasts through all grades of the Middle School and the instruction seeks to unify the Chinese and Western instruction into a series of coherent courses with which students can understand the world. 

Students are also encouraged to develop their extracurricular interests throughout their Middle School lives, but now they are also expected to pick a handful of activities and interests which they can further develop. Several standardized tests are implemented in the Middle School for external benchmarking, such as the MAP Growth Test and TOEFL Junior. Grade 8 students also participate in Tsinglan’s signature Foci-Learning Week, study trips, and volunteer teaching programs. Middle School graduates must meet graduation criteria that ensure they are ready for our Upper School experience with a fundamental preparation for academic learning and the broad roots needed for satisfying lives.


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